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Kratom Naming Guide

There are many Kratom names in the market, but there are only a few types of Kratom worldwide. The best way to know what you are buying is to look at the region where the Kratom is harvested (Sumatra, Borneo, Riau, Malaysia, etc ....). Read more

Kratom Effects

Kratom is actually a herb. In Southeast Asia it is used for a long time by the local population for various purposes. The different types of Kratom all have their own effect on the these items, and also depends on the person (what works for one, does not necessarily work for others). Read more

Kratom Dosage

Kratom dosage in low quantities has a boosting effect. Kratom in higher doses tends to have a calming effect. Both independent of what kind is used. Mild Effect: < 4 grams. Strong Effect: 4-5 grams. Read more

Kratom Dissolving

Our powders are very fine, dissolving in a liquid is the best way. Dissolving in water is more difficult (hot water is better), energy drinks, orange juice, orange or yogi-drink work better. Works best with Chocolate Milk! Read more

How to make Kratom Tea.

How to prepare a nice cup of kratom tea. Read more

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