Produktion Kraatje

High quality production facilities.

We take your product very seriously

Hygiene is very important to us. We have one of the cleanest production facilities in the Kratom market (you would be surprised to see how most companies process your product).

We only use laboratory grade equipment (not household equipment like many others). All equipment is certified for food or medical use.

Bags are filled with an automatic filling machine. Almost no hand filling to avoid contamination.

We use HEPA laminar flow cabinets whenever manual processing is necessary (the air is 99.99% clean inside these cabinets).

Very accurate laboratory scales that are regularly calibrated and verified.

Capsules are filled with an automatic capsule filling machine. No manual hand filling.

Sealing is carried out by a high quality automatic sealer to ensure perfect and clean seals.

For mixing we use a very accurate laboratory mixer for mixing (for perfect mixing, based on the Schatz principle).

Rooms are climate -controlled and filtered to keep the air clean.

Working area’s fitted out with food grade stainless steel worktops (not standard table tops).

Stock is stored in dark climate- controlled rooms.