Kratom tea, how to prepare a nice cup of Kratom tea

  • Do NOT put Kratom in boiling water (it will destroy your Kratom)
  • First prepare your Tea of choice (you can off course boil the tea first), infusing method
  • Let it COOL a down a bit (below boiling point, very important)
  • Add the kratom to enhance your Tea, stir it and add sugar or honey if you want
  • Honey is better than sugar, it does enhance the Kratom effect a bit
  • Do not mix the tea leaves and Kratom (use an infuser), you don't want to consume the Tea leaves
  • Enjoy…..


Use a large tea infuser. Tea leaves need volume, these works far better than the smaller tea infuser "balls-style" (better suited for fine crushed tea leaves).

These keep the Kratom and tea nicely seperated.

Tea Infuser

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