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Kratom product properties

What is Kratom

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree from Southeast Asia. Traditional users in Asia chewed the leaves to improve mood and for medicinal purposes. Nowadays the leaves are dried and ground into fine kratom powder. This powder has a stimulating effect. Kratom is not a medicine, but has a positive influence on things such as: restlessness, concentration, energy deficiency insomnia, pain relief, relief of stress and reduction of "craving" in addictions.

Why is Trustpilot removing my legitimate kratom reviews?

Kratom is covered by their "bad fit" policy. Once you are "Bad-fit" they can delete all customer reviews. However, according to their own policy, they will never remove real reviews from real consumers. Read more

What are the effects of kratom?

Kratom is not a medicine, but has a positive influence on issues such as: restlessness, concentration, energy deficiency, insomnia, pain relief, relief of stress and reduction of "craving" in addictions. Read more information about kratom effects.

Does kratom have side effects?

In general, kratom has few or no side effects. In case of frequent and excessive use, nausea and constipation can occur.

What is the dosage for kratom?

The general rule that can be used for dosing kratom is less than 4 grams for a mild effect and 4 to 6 grams for a stronger effect. Number of times as needed, but there must be a minimum of 4 hours between kratom doses. Read more about kratom dosage.

What types of kratom are there?

There are three types of kratom categories: red, white and green. Red kratom is calming in low dosage and is traditionally used for pain relief, for insomnia and relaxation. White kratom has stimulating effects and gives extra stamina. Green kratom is somewhere in between and the effects vary per individual.

How long does kratom work?

On average, the effects of kratom last between 4 and 6 hours. It is absolutely not advisable to take a new dose before working out the kratom effects.

Which is better: kratom powder or capsules?

Kratom powder contained in a liquid has a fast effect but a bitter taste. Kratom capsules do not have the bitter taste but the effect takes a little longer. So there is nothing better or less better. It is both the same product. Preference is a personal choice.

How do you use kratom?

We recommend the following three ways to use kratom:
  • Dissolving powder in a (possibly sweet) liquid
  • Use kratom capsules
  • Make Kratom tea
There are handy water bottles for dissolving powder.

How do you make kratom tea?

Instruction for kratom tea:
  • Boiling water
  • Place the hot water in a cup
  • Allow the water to cool to around 95 degrees Celsius
  • Put 1 teaspoon of loose tea in a large tea strainer
  • Place the tea infuser in the hot water cup and stretch the tea for 5 minutes
  • Remove the tea strainer
  • Pour your kratom dose into your cup and stir
  • Optional: Add sugar or (preferably) honey and stir
  • Enjoy with or without milk
Note that the kratom substance must be drunk. Read the full instruction how to make kratom tea.

Do kratom and stimulants go together?

No. Using Kratom with other stimulants (eg alcohol) is not recommended. The interaction with other means is unpredictable and can be very harmful to your health.

Can you smoke kratom?

Kratom smoking is highly discouraged. It burns, has no effect and is very harmful to your health.

Can you sniff kratom?

Sniffing Kratom is not recommended. It has no effect and is harmful to your health.

What is the best kratom for sleeping?

Users report that red kratom supports sleep.

What is the best kratom for pain?

Users report that all kratoms are pain relieving. Red kratom works best.

What is the best kratom for energy?

Based on experiences of users white kratoms are best to increase energy. E.g. White Sumatra. An even stronger alternative could be Mountain King.


What is the best kratom for anxiety?

Based on experiences of users red kratoms are best for anxiety. E.g. Red Borneo. An alternative could be Green Malay. White kratoms are not suitable for this purpose, because they are energising.

Which kratom is the strongest?

Which kratom is considered the strongest varies per individual. In general the following strains are considered the strongest. White strain = Mountain King. Green strain = Green Malay. Red strain = Red Borneo.

Can I get free kratom samples?

To try things out, it is best to order the smallest amount of 20 grams or a kratom test package. With large orders we occasionally want to give away a free sample. You can request samples, but you are not entitled to samples under any circumstances.

What is the dosage for kratom capsules?

Dosage Kraatje kratom capsules, size 0: Mild Effect: <10 capsules (<4 grams). Strong Effect: 10-12 capsules (4-5 grams). One capsule is about 0,4 gramms.

Is the kratom being tested?

Our Kratom batches are regularly tested by an independent laboratory.

What are the characteristics of red kratom?

Red kratom is more calming in lower dosage, gives a nice "buzz" and is less stimulating than his brother with white veins. Traditionally, this kind often used for pain relief. E.g. Red Borneo.

What are the characteristics of white kratom?

White kratom has, in general, more stimulatory effects. White vein Kratom gives extra endurance and is traditionally used for endurance during work and training. The white and red powders can be mixed to create your own variation.

What are the characteristics of green kratom?

There are a number of Green Kratoms, our Green Malay is a very special Kratom with a very specific Kratom experience. It is a mix of the white and red type. This species is extremely rare and we are one of the few that has this Kratom.

What are the kratom capsules made of?

Our kratom capsules are made from HPMC (Hydroxypropyl, EU number E464). HPMC is made from vegetable cellulose and contains no animal fats (such as gelatin capsules). The capsules have a so-called 'certificate of analysis' showing that the capsules meet the required specifications. Halal and Kosher certified.

How much does a kratom capsule weigh?

A kratom capsule weighs about 0.4 grams.

What is tongkat ali?

This is the medicinal plant Eurycoma longifolia from Southeast Asia. Powder is produced from the roots. Tongkat Ali has been used by males in Malaysia for years to improve sexual desire, libido, sexual performance by increasing testosterone.

What is Purwoceng?

Purwoceng or Pimpinella alpina is actually called Pimpinella pruatjan, and Purwoceng is sometimes spelled Purwaceng. From a wide range of research conducted by a few colleges in Indonesia, it is known that there are effects between the plant and increasing sexual capacity. As quoted from the results of the 2007 Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) research studies, all parts of the purwoceng plant can be used as a traditional drug, but the most effective is the root.


Can I have my order delivered to a different address?

Yes. A different delivery address can be specified when ordering.

Can I return my package?

You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving a reason, provided the seal has not been broken. If the seal is broken, your order will be definitive and can no longer be returned. If you use your right of withdrawal, you have another 14 days after your cancellation to return your product. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping. Read all conditions for returns here.

Can my order be sent discretely?

Orders are sent without company name and logo. The sender is always K-Eye B.V. Read more information about packaging.

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Do you ship to the UK after Brexit

Currently shipping to the UK is possible. Please do not order more then 2 kg, you could get import charges. It is cheaper to split your orders. Fill in you first name and last name correctly (no first name or only one initial can delay orders).All export document are handled by us. 95% of the orders are delivered on time, but it is not a guarantee. Since UK is now out of the EU we and DHL cannot control customs delays.


How old do you have to be to order kratom?

For buying kratom, an age limit of 18 years or older is used.

Do I get a discount if I order kratom more often?

After ordering over 50 euros you will receive a 5% discount on your next order if you order again within 8 weeks.

Can get free kratom samples?

To try things out, it is best to order the smallest amount of 20 grams or a kratom test package. With large orders we occasionally want to give away a free sample. You can request samples, but you are not entitled to samples under any circumstances.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You can cancel your order. Please contact our customer service for this. If you have already paid, we will of course return your payment.

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