Kraatje shipping

Shipping Cost

Kratom and CBD can be restricted per country. The shop automatically determines if the order can be shipped to your country. Example: You can order CBD in France but not Kratom. Ordering CBD together with Kratom from France is not allowed.

No weekend shipping (orders Friday after 12:00 will be shipped on Monday).

UK: Express is not next day delivery. 48 hours as best effort (95%). In a lot of cases 24 hours is still achieved. UK is now outside the EU, this means import delays.

Track the status of your order here.

All packaging is neutral and does not contain any references.

For United Kingdom (no channel Islands), Ireland and Italy: no paperwork included and products labeled 'coloring powder' with two letter codes as a reference.

We currently use DHL and UPS for shipping. Rates in the tabel below are from DHL but the UPS rates are similar.

DHL Express On-Demand-Delivery:

Select your Servicepoint, Schedule your delivery, No signature option, Leave with neighbour, Change delivery address, Vacation hold.

Packstations shipping for cetrain countries.

DHL Shipping, European countries, prices in Euro:

DHL Economy: 2-4 days (Netherlands, Belgium and West-Germany is typical 1 day delivery time).

DHL Express: in most countries next day, but not guranteed.

Packstations delivery in most countries.

 Country         DHL Economy Max. Weight DHL Express Max.   Weight
 Netherlands  FREE**  5 kg  FREE***  5 kg
 Germany  5.95  5 kg  7.95  2 kg
 Belgium  7.50  5 kg  8.95  2 kg
 United Kingdom   -  2 kg  17.95  2 kg
 Ireland         -  2 kg  17.95  2 kg
 Luxembourgh  8.95  5 kg  9.95  2 kg
 France  9.95  2 kg  12.95  2 kg
 Monaco  11.95  2 kg  14.95  2 kg
 Austria       9  2 kg  12.95  2 kg
 Italy  10.95  2 kg  12.95  2 kg
 Portugal  11.95  2 kg  12.95  2 kg
 Spain       8.95  2 kg  12.95  2 kg
 Greece       13.95  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Bulgaria       13.95  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Croatia       13.95  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Estonia       -  2 kg  -  2 kg
 Hungary       13.95  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Latvia       13.95  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Slovenia  11  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Slovakia       11  2 kg  15.50  2 kg
 Czech republic  9  2 kg  14.50  2 kg

* Work-days are Monday to Friday excluding holidays. If you order on Friday it will be shipped the same day after 12:00. This means DHL work-days start on Mondays (except the Netherlands: DHL delivers on Saturdays).

** FREE above 250 gram and shipped with DHL Parcel.

*** FREE above 250 gram and shipped with DHL Express (up to 1kg).


Letters (stamped), these do not have a track-and-trace code:

 Country  Weight  Price Euro
 Netherlands  0-50 gram*  2.60

* Maximum is 50 grams per letter (capsules or powder)



 Country  Price  Max. Weight  Delivery
 Malta and Cyprus 45 1 kg Economy (2-3 days)
 Malta and Cyprus 60 2 kg Economy (2-3 days)
 United States of America 20 1 kg Priority (48 hours)
 United States of America 25 2 kg Priority (48 hours)


We do NOT ship Kratom to:

Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

Kratom can be shipped to the following countries with a doctor's prescription:

Denmark, Norway, Finland (but we do not ship to consumers, only to pharmacies on request)

Kratom can be shipped to the following countries regulated by the EU customs union in the Lisbon Treaty:

France (in France Kratom is classified as medication, you are allowed to order Kratom from a EU country where Kratom is legal. This is regulated by the EU customs union in the Lisbon Treaty.

Due to difficult import procedures and cost we also do not ship to:

Canarian Islands,  Channel Islands

We do NOT ship CBD/CBN to:

Albania, Monaco, Slovakia, Norway (it is legal, but too strictly controlled), Lithuania.