CBD oil and CBN oil for sleep

Our quality of sleep is not going well: in the Netherlands as many as 1 in 5 people aged 12 years and older suffer from sleeping problems. This while a good night's sleep is so much needed for good health. Sleep can be disrupted by many problems. Often there is a certain degree of stress, for example due to pressure at work or school, relational or financial problems. CBD oil and CBN oil seem to offer a solution here, while it has few to no side effects. In this article we talk about CBD oil and CBN oil for sleep, but it relates to CBD and CBN in general.

CBD oil for sleep uk - CBN oil for sleep

Improve sleep with CBD oil

Due to its calming effect, stress-disrupted sleep is often significantly improved. Experience from people shows that some people become very alert to CBD oil. If they take it just before going to sleep, thoughts suddenly become very clear, which often turns into worrying. And that's exactly what you don't want when you have sleeping problems. It should be noted that the effect appears to be highly dose-dependent. In general, a lower dose (up to about 20 mg per day) has a more activating effect, while a higher dose (from about 50 mg per day) has a more narcotic and relaxing effect. The latter is good for sleep.

However, sleep can be disrupted by many other causes. People with (chronic) pain often benefit a lot from 'weed oil', oil that is rich in THC. In combination with certain terpenes (fragrance and flavourings) such as myrcene, this gives a strong anesthetic effect, which is often experienced as very pleasant in chronic pain complaints. However, THC is an illegal substance and is therefore not available as standard. In addition, CBD dietary supplements may not contain any (or a maximum of 0.05%) THC.

CBN oil: the sleepy cannabinoid

CBD and THC are the most well-known and best-researched cannabinoids available today. However, research into the effectiveness of other cannabinoids is certainly not standing still! The 'Big Six' of cannabinoids include: CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, THCV and CBN. The latter cannabinoid is receiving increasing attention as a dietary supplement. It is formed in the plant from the psychoactive THC during an aging process. When exposed to oxygen, the THC molecule partially breaks down, as it were, forming another molecule, CBN. CBN is also referred to as the sleepy cannabinoid because it has a strong narcotic effect.

Experience that people have with CBN oil is that the relaxing effect is a lot stronger than with CBD oil. This would mainly ensure faster falling asleep, while the number of sleep cycles is also higher and the sleep is deeper than without the use of CBN oil. In addition to its strong relaxing effect, animal studies have shown that CBN oil is also very effective in relieving pain, stimulating appetite, as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. At kraatje.eu you will find CBN oil of 2.5% and CBN oil of 5% in the range.

CBN oil makes you want to sleep

The sedative effect of CBN oil really makes it a cannabinoid to take before bed. It makes your body really want to sleep, as it were. Some studies on CBN oil speak of a mild psychoactive effect, even about 10% of the psychoactive effect of THC. However, other research completely excludes a psychoactive effect. Human experience shows that CBN makes you especially sleepy. Do you find it exciting to use CBN oil, but are you still curious what it can do for you in terms of pain and sleep? Then know that CBD can counteract any psychoactive effect.