Buy Kratom Mixes

Here’s our Kratom powder special mixes.

Carefully selected for maximum effect. We use our own Kratom strains - naturally.


Kratom zakjes

Kraatje Energizer

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Maximum boost, but not as strong as a Green Malay or White Sumatra.

Kraatje MaxRelax

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Just the right mix of the Red Kratoms for relaxing.

Kraatje Twister

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Delicious balance of stimulants for perfect relaxing.

Kraatje Mellow

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The Mellow is less relaxing than the MaxRelax, giving the famous mellow feeling instead.

Your own Mix (max 1kg)

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Experiment and put together your personal mix.

We use a special three dimensional laboratory mixer. This ensures perfect mixing of the fine Kratom powders.

Minimum order: 100 grams. The maximum is 1 kilogram per mix.