SEPA Bank Transfers

Bank transfers used to be slow. In Europe SEPA payments (using IBAN) are already fast (1 day) and a lot of times even instantly. And free of charge.We process these payments every day automatically. Currently for our ING accounts. N26 will soon be added.

When is it instantly:

  • In Europe we have a new payment infrastructure for banks: TIPS
  • If your banks supports TIPS (currently over 4000), we will receive your payment in seconds
  • Our bank is connected to TIPS
  • Payments are checked fully automatically

Result, your order is paid and will be shipped the same day.

  • If you bank is not connected to TIPS it can still be same day, but not guaranteed
  • Maximum is 24 hours in most cases

This all results in a very easy and fast way to pay your orders without depending on cards or other payment methods.

 Select Bank Transfer in the checkout and in the order confirmation (email) you find all the details.