HHC - Hexahydrocannabinol

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You can buy HHC with confidence. Kraatje HHC products are produced by a renowned producer from the Netherlands. It is produced to the highest possible standards. Per batch, HHC is checked by a third party for cannabinoid content and certified by means of a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). You will find the relevant batch number on your packaging. HHC products are shipped from the Netherlands (Holland) to the UK and the rest of Europe (EU). These high quality products are offered at a competitive price and fast delivery is possible. You must be at least 18 years old to buy HHC.

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HHC Gummies - Gummy Bears - 10mg

HHC gummies 10mg are an easy way to take HHC

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HHC Gummies - Gummy Bears - 25mg

HHC gummies 25mg are an easy way to take HHC
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HHC Oil 10% - 1000 mg

HHC oil 10% with 1000 mg hexahydrocannabinol in total

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HHC Oil 20% - 2000 mg

HHC oil 20% with 2000 mg hexahydrocannabinol in total

HHC in a nutshell

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) has been attracting attention as a dietary supplement since the end of 2021. This cannabinoid would have therapeutic effects on our body that are comparable to that of THC. You might even experience a mild euphoric effect from it. Is HHC the legal form of THC?

As early as 1944, HHC was discovered and first synthesized by the American chemist Roger Adams. After being discovered by Roger Adams, not much attention was paid to HHC for decades. Now that cannabis is gaining popularity again, more and more substances are being (re)discovered that can be of valuable significance for our well-being.

HHC is present in very low amounts in cannabis flowers, where cannabinoids such as CBD and THC are also found. However, Adams found that when he added hydrogen to a THC molecule, it took the form of HHC. Adding hydrogen to a carbon-rich molecule is called “hydrogenation” or “hydrogenation.” This 'hardening' of a molecule is a chemical process that is also used, for example, in making margarine from vegetable oils. And it can also be applied to cannabis.


Chemically, HHC and THC are different in composition. Where (delta 9) THC breaks down to CBN (cannabinol) in drought/heat, HHC is more stable than THC. This is because (delta 9) THC has a double bond at the 9th carbon atom, while HHC lacks it. HHC also has a strong binding to both the CB1 and CB2 receptor. Although relatively little is known about the exact effect of HHC, users report effects that are comparable to those of THC.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) HHC

Is HHC safe?

Little is known about HHC and its effect on our bodies and minds. However, human experience indicates that the substance has no toxic or harmful effect. Furthermore, HHC seems to cause little to no side effects. If they are mentioned, these are a dry mouth and mild headache. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using HHC or any other supplement. Warning: HHC can reduce responsiveness. Driving and operating machines is not recommended.

Is HHC visible on a drug test?

A drug test looks at the metabolites of THC that are still present in the body, i.e. the remnants of THC that remain in your body after they have been broken down by your digestive system. HHC has a different molecular shape than THC and will therefore also give different metabolites than what is tested. However, because so little is known about HHC, we are not 100% sure.

Can you feel little or no effect from HHC?

Each person may respond differently to HHC. But factors such as personal tolerance (for example, if you use THC products very regularly), the quality of the product and the purpose for which you use the product can influence the effectiveness of HHC.