Purwoceng Powder

Purwoceng. Very rare herb.

Traditionally used by the royal family of Java (no one else was allowed to use it!). Increases testosterone level and libido. The root is the most powerful.

Purwoceng Root Powder

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Purwoceng. Very rare herb. Traditionally only used by the Javanese royal family - nobody else was allowed to use it!

Used for boosting testosterone levels and increased libido.

Traditionally taken as a tea (full teaspoon of powder in a cup of hot/boiling water).

Purwoceng or Pimpinella alpina is actually called Pimpinella pruatjan, and Purwoceng is sometimes spelled Purwaceng.

From a wide range of research conducted by a few colleges in Indonesia it is known that there are real effects between the plant purwoceng to increased sexual ability.

As quoted from the results of the research studies of Bogor agricultural University (IPB) year 2007, all parts of the plant purwoceng can be used as a traditional medicine, but the most efficacious is the root.