Gezond met CBD en andere cannabinoïden

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Complete guide to the special dietary supplement CBD

This book about CBD is only available in the Dutch language.

Read the description of this CBD book in Dutch.

What is CBD, which diseases does it work for and how do I find my right dosage? Recent scientific research is interspersed with fun anecdotes. It also contains various ways on how you can make an extract yourself. Because this book is specifically aimed at Dutch and Belgian readers, references to various patient associations and social clubs in both countries are included. With more than 24 different indications, extensive dosage advice and information about different administration methods and extraction methods, this comprehensive reference work is a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about CBD.

About the author of the CBD book

Dyveke Kok is an expert in the field of CBD oil: “CBD has helped me enormously. The effect it had on my nerve pain was a relief. I was calmer and I could finally sleep again.” Dyveke has a body-oriented coaching practice in Bussum and gives advice about CBD twice a week.

We at Kraatje had the privilege of meeting the author personally. We can confirm that Dyveke Kok is an authority on CBD and other cannabinoids. She speaks about this subject with infectious enthusiasm.

Features of the book

ISBN/EAN: 9789082777307
NUR: 861
Final editing: Dyveke Kok
Cover design and layout: Marion Fisher
Publisher: Self-published by Dyveke Kok | Buoyant
Edition: 2nd edition, November 2018
Language: Dutch
Number of pages: 288
Binding: Paperback