Mountain King White Kratom

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Best white we've ever had. If you are not familiar with Kratom, do not take more than 0.5-1 grams. Experienced customers can start with 2 grams.

This Kratom remains very relaxed without you noticing much of it. Effect lasts for a very long time. You will become more cheerful and more energetic.


Effects: energizes, not as nervous as a normal White, Euphoric

Dose: 1-4 grams already gives a strong effect

Duration: starts a little slower, after 30 minutes, effects last for 6-12 hours


Tip: With a little White Sumatra (2-4 grams) you can “restart” the effect when it subsides.

Kratom usage       Buy Kratom 18+

Along the banks of a river that flows through Bukit Raya (King's Mountain) on Kalimantan, we recently discovered an old kratom forest. It is a pristine and remote forest where the kratom trees have been able to develop into huge giants.
The large white-veined leaves give a strong and energetic aroma and are very popular with the Dayak Limbai and Kenyilu strains living there for its stimulating effect and medical properties.

The forest is located in a nature reserve, which means that we can produce a pure organic kratom powder together with the local residents, of course in a sustainable way. The unique cooperation with the local tribes gives us the opportunity to be the only one to be able to distribute this fine powder, and of course while supplies last.

It is a White Borneo variety, however, it differs so much from other species that we have given it a new name: Borneo Mountain King.